Colleges and universities need

software systems that meet their

needs – we can help.

Your institution needs enterprise-level software (ERP) systems that meet your unique needs, costs less to operate, and gives your business officers control over their destiny.

Reports state that during the 1990’s and 2000’s, higher education spent over $5 billion on ERP systems. The current economic climate makes spending millions of dollars on new or upgraded systems nearly impossible to justify. This is why we created Kuali.

The Kuali Foundation

About Us

The Foundation is the umbrella organization that supports the Kuali community. Volunteers from institutions around the world serve on the Kuali Foundation Board of Directors. This team of community leaders works with a small executive staff to lead and support Kuali community activities

By joining the Foundation, members pay annual dues so that the Foundation can provide services to the Kuali community.

Financial compliance

We ensure all reporting is completed properly to the partners and to the IRS, and that Kuali follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Event management

We provide economies of scale in finding event space, and we hold one user conference.

Facilitate collaboration

Kuali has multiple outreach and communication channels to engage higher education within Kuali communities and beyond to other types of communities.

Governance best practices

Kuali has created governance structures for collaboration to espouse best practices across diverse institutions and organizations, and by leveraging resources.

Procurement and contracting

Kuali is a not-for-profit foundation which does not sell services; therefore, your institutional requirements for becoming a member or a partner likely do not require the same level of procurement procedures as working with a vendor.

The Kuali brand

Our identity has become recognized for its reputation in community building and sustainment.

Keep your money in your mission

The Kuali Foundation allows institutions of higher education to achieve the goals of lower costs and operational control through open source collaboration and delivery in the cloud. Kuali is developing a comprehensive suite of ERP software that are specifically designed by college and university partners to meet their own needs.

Since Kuali software can be consumed open source and on-premise or through the cloud. It cannot be

taken away, closed down or discontinued.  And, perhaps most importantly, the sharing of best practices, implementation templates, training materials, and reporting structures reduces what had been recurring costs.

All of this leads to a lower total cost of ownership and allows you to return those funds back to your institution’s mission of teaching and research.

Kuali provides you with:

Cost-effective, secure, and continuously-enhanced SaaS delivery. We take the hassle and cost out of installing, maintaining, securing, and upgrading software. We also provide consulting and services for system development and implementation.

The Kuali Foundation

Current Projects

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Kuali Financials

Fully auditable, uniquely higher ed

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Kuali Research

Simplified grant administration

Completed projects: Open Library Environment (OLE)


Longevity requires an organization that can adapt over time. Our charter gives us the tools we need to continue to grow for decades to come.


Transparency is critical in collaboration. That’s why we publish all our financial reports and statements here.

Kuali Days

Every year we gather to celebrate the power and potential of our community.